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Mongol NFT and MNFT to collaborate with Coin Hunt World 

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The co-founder of Bittrex Global, Bill Shihara has recently introduced “Coin Hunt World”, a mobile game where players can earn crypto by playing. In order to increase the different types of the utility of the MNFT coin, the founders of Mongol NFT have met Bill Shihara and signed a deal with Coin Hunt World.  

The game is similar to Pokemon GO, where the player has to explore their region to collect hidden treasures containing BTC, ETH, other cryptocurrencies, as well as different types of NFTs. With the help of this game, they’re planning to open up more opportunities and offer rewards for users who are HODLing the MNFT coin and for those who bought NFTs from Looking at examples from other countries, it is possible for users to earn $200-$500 in MNFT within a month.  

Both teams located in Mongolia and the USA have started working on the map of Ulaanbaatar, and are planning to launch in March of 2022. The map of Ulaanbaatar would be the 5th region to be launched on the game after the USA, Canada, UK, and the city of Manila.  

The Mongol NFT team will be announcing the requirements before the game launch, which might include the users to be HODLing a certain amount of MNFT coins, or for them to have bought NFTs using the MNFT coin. The MNFT coin rewards will also be available for the regions previously launched on the game, which would attract more international traders.  

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