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NFT London the first NFT.NYC conference held in Europe happened on November 3-4th 2022. The NFT.NYC event, which has been held since 2019, brings together thousands of participants, speakers, and the best NFT projects from all over the world. Compared to its first event in 2019 which had around 460 participants, this year they had over 2,500 participants participated this year at NFT London, with over 819 speakers.

Out of the total 819 speakers, only 5.4% of them were invited from Asian countries, with one of the speakers coming from Mongolia. This was a first on the NFT.NYC/NFT London stage undoubtedly, one of the most unforgettable scenes of the two-day event was the presentation of a Mongolian person wearing traditional Mongolian clothes on the NFT London stage. 

The speaker said:

 “In Mongolia, there are thousands of young people who have the capability to compete on the world stage with their artistic talent and business mentality. But I am just one of the many examples. I am happy to work as part of the MongolNFT team, which has successfully created the infrastructure for an NFT platform that aims to solve the problem faced by many young people who want to publish their creations and gain recognition internationally. Hopefully, this platform opened the doors to a road that seemed far-fetched for many young people.”

This was an important first step to showcasing to the world as the first Mongolian speaker to present their talent, Mongolian heritage, and culture and to showcase the current position that Mongolia holds in the NFT sector through his presentation to thousands who attended one of the world’s biggest NFT conferences.

A glance at the event:

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