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Mongol NFT buys land on Sandbox

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Sandbox has achieved a historic milestone by recently launching Sandbox Alpha on the Metaverse. They’ve also received an investment of $93 million from Softbank and the token has been listed on the cryptocurrency exchange, Gemini. The successful launch and listing have allowed the SAND token to reach its all-time high, creating a big competition with Decentraland (MANA).  

Metaverse is a relatively new concept, previously shown only in books and movies. Nowadays, it’s becoming a big alternate universe, with its own economy, businesses, people, and more. The biggest players in different industries such as Apple, Facebook, Google, and Disney are seeing the opportunities and making transitions to the Metaverse. Celebrities, crypto whales, Bored Ape Yacht Club, as well as big corporations such as Adidas, Binance, and Atari Games are buying their own lands on Sandbox. Joining them, Mongol NFT has bought land on Sandbox, being the first from their community.  

Apart from the gaming feature, Mongol NFT has recently announced a competition for users to create a Meta Ulaanbaatar with the reward of 100 million MNT (over 30,000 USD). The Mongol NFT land on Sandbox will be completely transformed into the winner’s design. 

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