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MNFT Token

The utility token for your everyday life.

Whitepaper $MNFT Coin

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60,000 users gathered, $88.7 million USD pooled, and target fund was fulfilled within 15 seconds.

Secondary Market

The secondary market opened, the trade volume of $24 million USD was recorded on the first day. 

Coinhub Exchange

Listed on Coinhub exchange.

Mongol NFT Payment Option

Started using MNFT as a payment option for buying NFTs on the Mongol NFT platform. 

Bittrex Global

Listed on Bittrex Global.

MNFT Burn #1: 26,000,000,000

First MNFT token burn in July 2022.

MNFT Burn #2: 3,100,000,000

Second MNFT token burn in August 2022.

Flappy Wolf "Play-to-Burn"

MNFT token burn with the first season of "Flappy Wolf".

MNFT Burn #3: 50,150,000,000

Third MNFT token burn during "Wolfest" September 2022.

MNFT Burn #4: 3,182,713,358

Fourth MNFT token burn in October 2022.

MNFT Burn #5: 2,025,284,238

Fifth MNFT token burn in November 2022.

MNFT Burn #6: 1,031,890,754

Sixth MNFT token burn in December 2022.

MNFT Burn #7: 1,044,479,166

Seventh MNFT token burn in January 2023.

MNFT Burn #8

Coming soon.

L Bank Listing

Listing on L Bank.

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