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The Wolves

Get your own Wolf NFT and join the exclusive society.

The Wolves

Mongolia’s first NFT Collectibles. Stronger as a pack.

Completed Tasks

Mongolia's First NFT Collectibles

A total of 60,000 Wolves was created as Mongolia's first NFT Collectibles called "The Wolves of Crypto Street".

Primary Market

Wolves begin being bought and sold on the primary market.

Secondary Market

Wolves begin being bought and sold on the secondary market.

Wolf Burning

Burnt the rest of the wolves that were not claimed by anyone.

Whitepaper Announcement

Whitepaper and roadmap of the Wolves were introduced to the communnity.

"Initial Investment Opportunity" (IIO)

Brand new investment opportunity for the wolves.

The Wolves take on "Opensea"

The Wolves NFT collectibles are now available to trade on Opensea.

Flappy Wolf "Play-to-Burn"

Season 1 of a brand new "Play-to-Burn" game introduced for our wolf community.

Wolfest 2022

The first exclusive wolf community networking gathering.

Stardust X The Wolves /Hoodie Merch/

Brand new limited edition Stardust Hoodie for our wolves community.

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