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Mongol NFT and B Production introduce “Meta Music Project” 

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Mongol NFT, the first NFT platform in Mongolia, and B Production have introduced their “Meta Music Project” to bring new changes into the Mongolian music industry, using the blockchain and NFT technology.  

The project gives a platform to suggest music as NFT, provide a streaming service, and for artists to benefit from it. The founders of the project highlighted that the platform would allow the Mongolian music industry to reach the next level, create new opportunities for artists, and increase the benefits for end-users.  

Over the past nine months, crypto and NFT trading have increased in our country, giving artists and content creators a new opportunity to introduce their work to the public. Since its launch, Mongol NFT has attracted over 20,000 active users, dropped more than 4,500 NFTs, which were all sold out on an average of two hours. 

With 15 years of history in the music and art industry, B Production has opened a high-grade film, music, and recording studio. “440Hz Records” under B Production has contracted with the American company Wes Lachot for their acoustic design and architecture of their studio complex and bought their equipment from the British brands Solid State Logic and QUESTED. They’ve also introduced the international standard ISO 3382:2009 for the first time in Mongolia.  

The founders of Mongol NFT have launched the MNFT coin to promote the benefits of token usage and active market participation, which has had a primary market demand of 89 million USD. To highlight, co-founder of the international trading platform Bittrex, Bill Shihara has held a meeting with the co-founders of Mongol NFT, and expressed his willingness to cooperate as a consultant and strategic partner.  

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