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The first multi-layer capital city built in the Metaverse. Sandbox integrated. Accepted into the Game Makers Fund!


The Sandbox

Purchased a 3x3 land on The Sandbox.

Ulaanbaatar in the Metaverse Competition Announcement

Announced the competition to build Ulaanbaatar in the Metaverse on Minecraft or Sandbox gamemaker.

Ulaanbaatar in the Metaverse

Introduced Ulaanbaatar in the Metaverse to the community.

Acceptance into the Game Makers Fund

Meta UB "Multiverse Effect" was officially accepted into the Game Makers Fund!

Completion of Milestones

December 2023

Self Published 2x2 Multiverse Effect

Multiverse Effect was granted early access to the brand new self publishing feature. 

Play to Travel x Greenwave 2024

Coming soon....

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