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MongolNFT launched its very own “Lucky NFT”. It was sold for $30 on the primary market. The more you bought the more you could increase your luck of landing a spot to be a lucky winner per month during the lucky draws. A critical part of picking winners is the ability to have full trust in the system used to make the selection process fair. MongolNFT is powered by Chainlink and used its VRF smart contract technology for the Lucky NFT selection process. Therefore users can have full transparency and trust in the selection process per month. 

The lucky winners in January received the following: 

1st Winner: The Wolves Merch hoodie and bag 

2nd Winner: 2-month supply of Terelj – Selenge soda 

3rd Winner: 1,000,000 MNFT


The lucky winners in February received the following: 

1st Winner: “Hunnu fashion” brand silver casting men’s Mongolian traditional belt

2nd Winner: Goo brand Lunar New Year gift set

3rd Winner: 1,000,000 MNFT

The lucky winners of March are set to be announced soon as long as the user holds their Lucky NFT their chances to be chosen as winners are for life.

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