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MongolNFT has officially integrated with Chainlink, which protects tens of billions of dollars in assets in De-Fi, Insurance, Gaming, and other major industries. Here are some facts about Chainlink and its VRF technology and details about the new Lucky Draw NFT edition.

You may be asking what exactly chainlink does. Chainlink solves the “Oracle Problem” and is the best in its sector. Using its VRF or verifiable random function technology it takes information/data found in the real world and translates it onto the blockchain. By doing this it is able to solve problems accurately as it uses not only data found on the blockchain (which is quite minimal) but supplements and concludes it using data found in the real world. Chainlinks VRF technology ranks 1st in the world and several companies including Google Cloud, Intel, and Harmony have integrated with Chainlink.

Chainlink is set to integrate fully with Mongol NFT by the end of June. The integration with Mongol NFT is on the “Lucky Draw Feature” in which users are able to purchase tickets to enter a lucky draw on a selected NFT piece. The next process is where Chainlinks VRF technology comes into play where users can be confident of the picking process and a winner is chosen. Chainlink is able to give full transparency. 

Chainlink AMA (Ask me Anything) 

Mongol NFTs co-founder Itgel was invited to an AMA on Chainlink’s official Telegram channel. On the AMA he was asked questions regarding the integration of Chainlink with Mongol NFT as well as information about the company as a whole and future plans. Mongol NFT hopes to further work with Chainlink to integrate other new features and aspects of the company into their technology.

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