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MongolNFT X Multichain

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MongolNFT has officially partnered with Multichain formerly known as Using Multichain MongolNFT has successfully accessed the BNB (Binance) and Polygon chains. Multichain uses “cross-chain” Multichain aims to be a “cross-chain bridge” between multiple blockchains, introducing a fast, secure, and cheap method of cross-chain transfers to take users to the next level.

Multichain is a fast-growing platform that supports 65+ networks, 2808+ tokens, and a daily volume exceeding $100 million, making it an industry leader. This is the first of many tasks being done to create a seamless opportunity to list the MNFT token on Polygon and BNB Chain (Binance) based exchanges.

An example of what you could do once this opportunity becomes live is to transfer your existing MNFT (ERC-20 or Ethereum) coins to receive BEP-20 (Binance) on the other end. In addition, The Wolves NFT is minted on the Polygon blockchain, therefore it will be possible to transact with MNFT coins directly on Opensea.

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