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The Cyberpunk Reveal

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Mongol NFT has recently released the long-awaited Cyberpunk set, it will be a brand new and final addition to the current wolf pack. In short, the common, rare, very rare, and ultra rare wolves will be added on top of the wolf you have, when your wolf drinks the serum.

There are 2,222 serums in total, of which 536 have been currently released. These include 500 vials of common serum, 30 rare serums, 5 very rare serums, and 1 ultra-rare serum.

There are certain rules to be eligible to drink the serum

  1. The wolf drinks only their own type of “Serum”. For example, if you want your rare wolf to consume a serum, you are only able to consume a rare serum to receive a rare cyberpunk wolf.
  2. Serum can only be used by hungry wolves (those that do not have active “feasts”).
  3. Only one serum can be used per wolf. 

The common serum has its own special conditions, 11 lucky users will receive a rare and very rare cyberpunk wolf even if their wolf consumes a common serum. To break it down, out of a total of 500 common serums, there are 10 lucky serums for a “Rare Cyberpunk” and 1 lucky serum for a “Very Rare Cyberpunk”.

According to the most recent discord stage call with the founders the rest of the cyberpunk wolves are set to be released in such numbers and all in a surprising way. The next batch of wolves could potentially be released in the form of gift cards. 


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