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Discord Founders Stage Call #4: Cyberpunk serum, NFT Bank, Metabeat & more.

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Bi-weekly the founders of MongolNFT hold a discord stage on the official MongolNFT discord channel. The discord stage is used to connect with the community on a closer level by discussing the progress on specific projects and receiving questions from the community. During last week’s call, several topics were discussed. These topics include new partnerships, TWCS collectible opportunities, upcoming events as well as any updates regarding the MNFT token. 



MongolNFT recently held a workshop for JCI Mongolia members and executives on the topic of NFTs, blockchain and the metaverse. 


SIS 22 Virtual Summit

Mongol NFT was recently a part of a live pitch for a virtual summit held in Hong Kong SIS22. During the live pitch Mongol NFT introduced its upcoming projects to the 40,000 attendees that the summit attracts. The SIS event will be held in person in September and Mongol NFT is in talks to potentially join as an exhibitor as well as speaker. 

Chainlink Integration AMA (Ask me Anything)

Mongol NFTs co-founder Itgel was invited to an AMA on Chainlinks official Telegram channel. On the AMA he was asked questions regarding the integration of Chainlink with Mongol NFT as well as information about the company as a whole and future plans. In integration with Chainlink, a brand new feature called “Lucky Draw Edition” will be launching in the end of June. This will allow users to purchase tickets to enter a lucky draw on an expensive NFT and use Chainlinks VRF technology to verify the winner, and keep everything transparent.

Metabeat South Korea Partnership

Internationally MongolNFT recently signed an MOU with South Korean NFT marketplace Metabeat. 8,888 NFTs of the famous Korean band Mamamoo are planned to drop on the Metabeat NFT marketplace, and Mongol NFT’s strategic partnership provides an opportunity to participate in the NFT’s whitelist. As part of the partnership, there will be exclusive rights to participate in music festivals organized by Metabeat. As Metabeat owns the intellectual property of the songs of major Korean bands, this opens a brand new source of income through like our “Feast Series”. 


Mongol NFT sees a lot of potential in expansion into Central Asia. As of right now expansion into Kyrgyzstan is in the final stages of the process. By presenting our successful business model and plan they hope to expand into other countries. 

New Features

Metamask/ Web 3.0

The integration of metamask into Mongol NFT is currently in its testing phases and if successful is set to be published in the upcoming week. Once finalized it holds several benefits for the community such as directly selling your NFTs onto the international market more specifically, Opensea.

Mongol NFT has recently released a new website that simplifies the FAQ process into a very seamless process. By going into learn.mongolnft the user is able to receive answers to the most commonly asked questions with a step by step picture guide. This guide is available for users interested in buying MNFT token, TWCS collectible and NFTs from the Mongol NFT website. 

Mongol NFT Marketplace 

A couple of new features are set to launch once web 3.0 developments have been finalized in terms of the metamask integration. The option to transfer NFTs to one another, send an offer to someone with the price you would like to purchase their NFTs for and an auction feature will be launching in the near future.


Similar to the Netflix streaming platform Mongol NFTs platform is set to launch by the end of July. All access to this platform will be done through NFTs, as the NFT that you own will determine the content that you can view and the music that you will be able to listen to. Previous NFT drops on the Mongol NFT platform such as “come at me bro” is set to release the first couple of their animation episodes which will be some of the first content on the streaming platform. Following the upcoming release Mongol NFT is meeting with several artists that are known to be the top within their sector to release NFT exclusive music and content. 


Upcoming NFT drops include Tumen, a 3D artist based in Australia who worked on the latest Batman movie. Following this the meat lover monsters NFT a group with over 100k followers, LemonSpice NFT which is a food festival that is set to happen after Naadam. One of the more unique NFTs that is in the works is 100 NFTs of Mongolian wrestlers. Due to covid last year the 100th year anniversary of National wrestling was unable to be held. Therefore this year will be held in commemoration of that. The release of these NFTs could bring a brand new segment of of users to the Mongol NFT platform. 

The Wolves of Crypto Street (TWCS)


A brand new and final set of wolves arrived into the wolf pack, the cyberpunk wolves. Out of the 2,222 expected to drop around 500 of them were released and already being sold on the secondary market. The rest of the wolves are expected to also be released in such numbers but in different ways, such as a gift card, more is to be known once finalizations are made. 

“The Feast Series” 

As of today all of the feast assets have been bought and percentage updates will be shortly updated onto the Mongol NFT wolf verse section. 

“Educated Wolf Series”

The wolf verse is a brand new menu drop down on the website that highlights the various upcoming features for the wolf community to level your wolf up. As of now there is the “Feast Series” and the laboratory through which we just received our cyberpunk wolves. Upcoming is the educated wolf series in which a new feature called “Crypto Sound” is set to be released. This feature will allow users to collectively purchase and subscribe to an official team that will inform you on macro changes in the cryptomarket.


Mongol NFT is in the planning phase for creating exclusive events for the wolves community. They are also in the research phase of creating a merchandise line and in talks with top local fashion brands such as Kidult and Michel Amazonka. 

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