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The main factors affecting the price of tokens are the reduction of the number of tokens on the market by the community, locking, and burning, thereby creating demand and usage, and introducing staking services based on the demand.

The MNFT Burn protocol uses MNFT collected from the sales revenue and transaction fees of the projects carried out by MongolNFT and MNFT tokens in the reserve. A certain portion of these MNFT tokens are set to be burned in regular stages. 

As of today a total of 79,250,000,000 MNFT has been burned. When MNFT tokens are “burned”, they are transferred to an address without a secret key or an account that cannot be accessed. 0x000000000000000000000000000000000000000. This total amount broken down is split into three separate “burns”. 

  1. 26,000,000 MNFT on 22.07.2022
  2. 3,100,000,000 MNFT on 23.08.2022
  3. 50,150,000,000 MNFT on 17.09.2022

Currently, 61.5% of the total circulating tokens are locked in the form of staking, “The Feast” or Initial Investment Opportunities and more.

View burned transactions:

MNFT (MNFT) Token Tracker | Etherscan

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