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Mongol NFT X Sapiens Strategic Partnership

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Sapiens is a US-based tech company that is currently creating its metaverse. They have pre launched their Sapien NFT passport on March 14th 2022. This passport will act as a key to all the different communities on the metaverse they are currently building. 

The Passport takes NFT technology and uses it in a truly unique way, using NFTs to create a form of decentralized, digital identity that you can carry with you anywhere in the metaverse. Compared to many NFTs that often have very similar utilities such as access to an online community, the passport will be useful across all the various communities in the Sapien Metaverse. 

With your NFT Passport, you will be creating your own identity through all of the different communities you join and have the ability to build up your reputation in any way you wish. Depending on your skills and talents you can be recognized for what you do in these communities and receive stamps and titles on your Passport that you can share for others to see. 

1000 NFTs will be listed for sale, each passport will have one of your favorite historical figures stylized with machine learning. You will also have the opportunity to choose your historical figure. By being one of the first passport holders you will receive certain perks. Your voice will be heard as you build the metaverse together and keep in close contact with the Sapien team.  You will at some point even be able to create your own community and have the ability to launch your own social currency.

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