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Artist S.Tsogtbayar NFT Drop “Gaze”

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For more than 40 years, Mongolian artist S.Tsogtbayar has been painting, drawing cartoons, creating comics, and many more. Embarking on a long journey into the Metaverse, and following the footsteps of the modern world he has decided to present us with his first NFT collection ‘Gaze’ of 5 works. These include 1 Single Edition, 3 Limited Edition, and 1 Open Edition NFT. He has said that this collection is “open to anyone who is connected to me through my art, I hope that this friendship will continue to grow in value in the future”. 

The single edition NFT is a drawing of an eagle. Upon purchasing this NFT S.Tsogtbayar will send the purchaser the original drawing along with the intellectual property rights. This gives you the sole ownership to the digital and physical versions of this art, along with other accompanying rights. As an artist, S. Tsogtbayar does not have the right to publish or create merchandising products on this work once it has been purchased. The price of this artwork is likely to increase over time on the secondary market therefore becoming a valuable asset for you to have. The eagle itself has a very unique gaze. From the point of view of the eagle the earth we live in must look as clear as if the earth was put onto the palm of someone’s hand. The eagle is a totem emblem, the beacon of truth, of righteous living, remembrance. There is no way for anyone to escape the sharp gaze of the Eagle, which cleanses and preserves the balance of nature. 

The next works in the NFT collection are the limited edition NFTs. A series of pictures called “Gaze” by the trio, each offering 20 pieces up for purchase. These photos will be printed on special paper and will be accompanied by an “Art Print” version signed by the artist himself. The purchaser will also receive a signed book written by S.Tsogtbayar set to release within this year. They will also be invited to every event and exhibition as a special guest and be a member of the exclusive club named after the artist. In these works, which S.Tsogtbayar calls ‘line meditation’ aimed to draw these human-like animals from the point of view of how they view us and use this gaze to try to get a look into the mysterious, dim, invisible side of their world through their eyes. You can see the anger, pity, and surprise in the eyes, but you can read and understand what they can’t say. Take a look at the sharpness from the gaze of the owl, it’s almost as though it can see right through you and everything you are thinking and have ever thought about before. 

The Open Edition drawing within the set is titled ‘True Essence’. The open edition is actually one of S.Tsogtbayar’s previous works. A closer look at the drawing reveals many meanings. The naked truth of life in a world of malice, love, reconciliation, and hatred. It reminds us that not everything is as it seems and we understand this through the time we spend on earth and experience the truths and lies presented in front of us.

Within this week we will be introduced to the next upcoming NFT drop by Mongolian artist, rapper and actor Rokit Bay.

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