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The Wolves of Crypto Street: Spring Feast

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The Wolves of Crypto Street (TWCS) have successfully eaten their spring feast. The Spring Feast (Хаврын идэш) was a brand new investment opportunity created on the Mongol NFT platform for its Wolf Collectible holders. The main goal of the Spring Feast was to pool money amongst the collectible community to be able to buy one of the world’s most expensive NFT collectibles the Bored Ape. 

What is an OG Ape?  

The OG Ape is an NFT collectible part of the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) created on the Ethereum blockchain. With only 10,000 one of a kind apes created it is in high demand and the price of one reflects that. The current price for a bored ape is around 73.0 ETH as of March 2022, which equals to $185,163.  Holding a bored ape gives you exclusive access to the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC). Many of your favorite celebrities have also bought bored apes such as Justin Bieber, Eminem, Steph Curry and many more. 

Why should I be a part of this? 

  • Reap real dividends based on your bite size as the value of the Bored Ape collection increases
  • Benefit from the difference in ETH (Ethereum) exchange rate appreciation
  • If the dollar appreciates, the exchange rate of the USDT against the Tugrik (MNT) will change and it will be hedged against exchange rate risk

So what exactly happened? 

The Wolves of Crypto Street came together and successfully collected its first investment of 3 billion MNFT coins in just 3 hours! This investment will be used to purchase an OG Ape for the TWCS community who were able to feed their hungry wolves and reap the benefits listed above. 

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