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Feast the Beast: First Bored Ape

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Following a successful investment The Wolves of Crypto Street have feasted on one of the most expensive NFT Collectibles in the world, the OG Ape (see above) a part of the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC). The ape was bought at 89 ETH when 1 ETH was at $2,619. These one of a kind apes have several rarity factors (see below) that list this ape in the first 3,000 out of 10,000 apes.

Rarity Factors:

Hat: Bandana Blue – 0.89%

Mouth: Phoneme Vuh – 3%

Skin and hair: Cheetah – 4%

Eyes: Sad – 6%

Background: Blue – 12%

The purchase of the OG Ape hold several potential investment advantages, BAYC could continue to expand, with prices rising from 89 ETH to 99 ETH. ETH itself has the potential to grow from 2,700 USDT to 3,000 USDT and the USD has the potential to appreciate against the MNT (as it is right now), this will make it possible to hedge against exchange rate risk.  

Although the purchase holds advantages there are two potential risks. These include ape floor prices and ETH falling. In order to mitigate these risks The Wolves of Crypto Street (TWCM) can come together every week to vote and decide a suitable time to re-sell and make a profit.

The OG Ape was bought under the name ИДЭШ (Spring Feast), starting a new form of investment in the history of collectibles not only in Mongolia but also the world. This is a historic and important step that the holders of Mongolia’s top collectibles have purchased one of the world’s top collectibles the OG Ape. 

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