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“Ulaanbaatar” The First City In The Metaverse

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B. Gabit Co-Founder of Mongol NFT, Opening Remarks.

Mongol NFT announces ‘Ulaanbaatar in the Metaverse’ a Mongolian cultural center in the metaverse. Located in the Sandbox metaverse, the city will be the largest online center for promoting Mongolia’s culture and history internationally and creating opportunities for trade in goods and services. 

With the advancement of cryptocurrency and NFT technology, the development of decentralised cyberspace is also gaining momentum, this can be seen with large corporations spending billions of dollars in investment into this sector. The Sandbox Metaverse is at the forefront of many digital world development projects. With Mongol NFT having purchased land on The Sandbox in November of 2021, we were able to build a multi-layer ancient, modern, and futuristic city in the Metaverse and in doing so compete with some of the world’s largest companies. The city plans to be a hub for Mongolian culture, history, and art. 

In December of 2021, Mongol NFT announced a competition to create ‘Ulaanbaatar in the Metaverse’ aimed to envision Ulaanbaatar in “The Sandbox” using programs such as Minecraft and Sandbox Game maker. Following that announcement around 113 creations were submitted. From the 113 creations, the top 5 were to be recognised and receive prizes accordingly with the winning team receiving the prize money of $35,000. 

The Top 5 Teams.

On February 15th, 2022, Mongol NFT hosted an event to introduce the winners of the competition. From the top 5 teams, the first-place prize went to the ‘7 pixels’ team who won $35,000 for their interpretation of ‘Ulaanbaatar in the Metaverse’.

 This event was also used as an opportunity to introduce new brand ambassadors Davaidasha, Tushig, and Bayartsetseg. During the event a panel discussion was held with panellists from different sectors giving their own opinion on the metaverse and in what ways it has played a role in their career or life.The panel discussion included panelists B. Adiya Mongol NFT Co-Founder & CEO, B. Belguuntei virtual content creator, A. Bayartsetseg actress, producer, and model, E. Misheel Senior Trader at Tavan Bogd Capital, B. Gantulga (Sekstsagaanbogd) Mongol NFT Ambassador and artist. The panel was moderated by D. Bilguun Mongol NFT CEO. 


Panel Discussion.

This event was also used as an opportunity to introduce “Ulaanbaatar in the Metaverse” to the local community before showcasing it to the world. The event was received with an overwhelmingly positive response. The majority of the attendees commented that this event helped them visualize and understand the metaverse to a deeper level. The video and visualizations created an immersive experience for the audience that got everyone excited and thrilled for what is to come in the development of the metaverse in Ulaanbaatar and the world.  As part of the rapidly evolving metaverse, Mongol NFT has provided a platform for people from all corners of the world to promote Mongolia’s art, culture, and heritage. 

The World’s first multiverse city in the metaverse, Ulaanbaatar coming soon.  

See you in the Metaverse! 

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