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Meet our ambassadors, the most influential, reputable innovators in their sector.

Una Bold
DJ, YouTuber, Photo Model

Una Bold is one of the most famous DJ’s in Mongolia. She is a fashion influencer and trendsetter. Una Bold also runs an active YouTube account with her boyfriend Damidanny. She is known to set a positive influence through her music, online content, and other endeavors. Una Bold has released her NFT collection on the Mongol NFT platform.

Sekstsagaanbogd (B. Gantulga)
Artist, Philosopher

Sekstsagaanbogd is a Mongolian artist and rapper. He majored in philosophy which makes for his music and lyrics to often hold deep meaning. He is a trending artist in Mongolia with his fan base increasing daily. Sekstsagaanbogd has released his NFT collection on the Mongol NFT platform

Bayra Bela (A. Bayartsetseg)
Actress, Model, Producer

Bayra Bela is a successful actress who is currently making her mark in Hollywood. At the moment she is filming for her role in “The Power” an Amazon original series. She is also well known for her role in “Marco Polo” the Netflix series. With over 10 years of experience in the modeling industry, Bayra Bela has also represented Mongolia in several world-leading beauty pageants. She placed in the Top 11 during the 2016 Miss World. She strives to promote Mongolian culture and film internationally. Bayra Bela has released her NFT collection on the Mongol NFT platform.


Tushig is a Mongolian YouTuber currently based in France. He created his channel in March of 2015 and as of today, he has over 500,000 subscribers. His videos cover a wide variety of topics from gaming, reaction videos, fitness, vlogs, and many more.


Davaidasha is an up-and-coming artist in the Mongolian music industry. He has made a strong entry into the industry and his music is often listed on apple music’s top 10.

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